The School Of C gives entrepreneurs the resources and connections necessary to build a better future.
There is something only a CEO uniquely can do, which is set that tone, which can then capture the soul of the collective.
Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce
The school and our people
C uses digital learning with practical experience to engage students in an intense learning process, where they master all the tools necessary to lead real startups, in real world situations, and get real-world results. The program first involves an intensive online class, where each area of executive expertise is covered, CMO, CEO, CTO, CBDO, and CPO. Then, each student can pick a specialty and work in one of the global startups in the Starta Accelerator.

Attending students include aspiring entrepreneurs, managers who want to move into executive positions, and rising leaders of other organizations. The workshop is run by the leadership team, with access to coaches and mentors.
Starta Accelerator
Starta Ventures launced Starta Accelerator in 2015 as a New York-based VC firm providing investment and expansion opportunities for early-stage tech entrepreneurs. Our vision is to bring the right people together—connecting talent to mentors, ideas to reality, and startups to funding.
School of C
Provides education in a real startup environment based on MBA practices and internships with real clients, competitors and investors. We provide students with access to outstanding, expert mentors that guide them through communications, business development, sales, marketing, and fundraising.
We believe the only way to go big is to go global. We've built a shortcut for early stage startups to enter US market
Starta Global Residency Track is a program for startups with international roots which are seeking to expand to the U.S. We look for startups with a significant technology focus, in any sector, and the potential to have a global product. Most applicants already have a Minimum Viable Product and proven traction in their home country. Participants in our program work directly with our partners and mentors, and will have access to our extensive network of investors. We have outstanding, expert mentors that focus on improving each startup's communications, business development, sales, marketing, and fundraising - providing both strategic and tactical advice which is tailored to the U.S. business environment.
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