The School of C gives students a 360° understanding of how startups work, helping them become better leaders and team players.
If you just work on stuff that you like and you're passionate about, you don't have to have a master plan with how things will play out.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook
The Essence of Learning
Our innovative, student-centered education program is designed to deliver a diversity of
perspectives and experiences in a short time-frame.
Step 1
Knowledge and skills
Students freely choose their own direction from a variety of industries, roles, and teams. They tailor their learning experience to launch or join existing companies with the support of our endowment fund.
Step 2
New York Startup
Every student interns in an early stage startup, where
they can apply their knowledge, observe decision making in action, and contribute as equals alongside
real-world founders at the Starta Accelerator.
Step 3
Matching and networking
Generous scholarships and financial aid packages
help our students complete their studies
while we pair them with future investors,
partners, and collaborators.
The School of C Experience
At the School of C, students work closely with mentors and coaches to study, research, and learn all the skills necessary to lead successful startups.
October 2020 -
March 2021
Short MBA, Theoretical Course
- Online learning
- 10 hours a week
- Short MBA course
- Workshops and master classes

The short MBA delivers a condensed learning experience, where students study and apply essential leadership skills in an action-oriented environment.
February 2021 -
April 2021
Practice in New York
- Take a leadership position in a startup
- Participate in decision-making
- Cutting edge technologies first-hand.
- No simulations. Work with real businesses in the real market.

Students spend two months immersed in the New York based Starta Accelerator, working closely with real startups, investors, competitors, and customers.
Coaches And Mentors
Our world-class group of coaches and mentors inspire, teach, and guide students as they learn to build companies.
Communications and Pitching
Founder and CEO of AccentC3. Communication. Clarity. Culture.
B2B Sales
Field Sales, Google Cloud Platform at Google
Enterprise Sales
Global Enterprise Sales at Alchemy Cloud, Inc.
Sales Strategy
Venture Partner at 13 VENTURES
Growth Hacking
Advisor & investor to multiple startups
Business Development & Strategy
Managing Partner at TPH Family Office. Serial Entrepreneur.
Product Marketing
Founding Member at Product Marketing Alliance
Tax & Compliance
Director, Tax & Compliance at MediaMath
UX Design
UX Coach at Fashion Institute of Technology
Founder and CEO of multiple startups
Business Development
Co-Founder and Principal at Hapday Group
Outreach and Messaging
Director Accathon Capital
PR and Marketing
Media Communications Specialist at Yuri Invest Research
Digital Marketing
Director of Search Marketing at Hpone
Wendell Mendes
Finance Professional
Nelson is very committed and all the time he inspires everyone around him by his passion for people and for teaching. He has a clear vision about the students need, developing many topics that help the students to design efficient mental processes, maximizing the teaching process.
May Chen
MBA Student
School's professors is super professional, smart, dedicated, open-minded and have lots of patience. Also, I have never felt I was judged by anything I said or asked, not even a second. School of C customize your class with high quality, they will bring your skills to another level.
Svenja Luginbühl
This is an amazing school. The teachers are great and the school has cool activities you can participate in. I really enjoyed my time at school and I would definitely recommend it!
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