Are you a business school?
Yes, we are a business school. We teach theoretical blocks of MBA, practical part in startups of early stages in New York as well as the development of a startup in a group or individual form, with the access to the international market.
What is the difference between you and MBA?
Unlike the MBA, there is no need to have working experience and high education for the development your startup or making a new one. The main part of training course includes real practice. The participants will be integrated into a business environment from the first day, meanwhile making his own startup.
What is the difference from other business schools?
You will be able to put your knowledge, gained at school to practice after the course. Unlike other business schools, you will get knowledge that will definitely be turned into practice as you get the life experience dealing with startups in New York. You will get a membership to the school's club, list of contacts and investors as well as all the necessary skills for making your own startup from the beginning.
What opportunities does the C School give?
· First of all, this is a top management education.
· Gives the direction of where you make your own startup or join the existing one in New York.
· Get the skills and experience of running a business.
· List of contacts in the Russian, American and European markets.
· List of investors.
· Membership of the club of C School.
How is the infrastructure of the school built?
The infrastructure of the school is built up around on accelerator based in New York, including students, an accelerator, startups and investors, as well as its own endowment fund. This is a self-sufficient and reliable environment forming a closed ecosystem.
What is an endowment fund and how does it work?
Endowment fund is a specific capital for the school, it serves as a mean for financing the school activities as well as the development of startups and grants to the best students.
Are you a non-profit organization?
Yes, this model is the clearest and effective in the development of the business environment and ecosystem where students can get the development and personal approach to everyone.
Where do you get startups?
With the help of an experienced Start accelerator we cooperate with technological startups that are actively developing on the international market.
How is the recruitment process going?
The recruitment process is non-standard, it is built on an personal approach consisting on three stages:
· Test by the structogram method and CV
· Digital footprint
· Video CV
The whole process is aimed at identifying personal qualities, skills and abilities in order to choose the most effective teaching model for each student.
What are the recruitment criteria?
Age and experience are not the key-factors. Personal skills, the ability to adapt to the new circumstances, to develop and the ability to think out of box are the basics.
Who is the teaching stuff?
· Owners of startups with whom you will work.
· Speakers with huge personal experience in making businesses.
· Top-5 Universities' professors with teaching and running businesses experience.
Where is C School located?
The school is based in New York (220 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010), where the main practical part of the training will take place.
It is planned to open C School in future in California, USA, Great Britain and Europe.
What documents will you need?
• C School completed registration form
• Internal passport
• Foreign passport
• U.S. visa
• Health insurance (must cover the entire stay in U.S.)
How is the practice in NY organized?
We will meet you upon your arrival in New York, introduce you to the members of the team and then, you can immerse yourself in the working process.
How much does a course cost?
• The tuition fee is US $20 000.
• There are alternative educational opportunities, some are free of charge, because С School provides scholarships, you just have to pass the preliminary test.
• The school works closely with the largest companies and accepts students on partnership terms.
Does the school help with accommodation in New York?
Yes, C School will help with accommodation. We are in partnering with the accelerator for four years, which is offering very favorable accommodation conditions for our students.
How to apply or get into C School?
You should complete an application form and pass a non-standard test to define a C-position which you belong to.
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