Join us at this pivotal moment. Help the School of C make a difference in the world.
The best startups come from someone who needs to find a solution to a very pressing problem.
Michael Arrington, CEO of TechCrunch
100% goes to the students
The C endowment fund covers our operating costs. 100% of your money goes to supporting students and our other social initiatives.
The School of C Gives Every Student An Equal Chance
We're on a mission to help future leaders embrace their potential, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. We support diversity and inclusion, and
never let cost turn into a barrier.

Our generous scholarship offers help promising individuals
from disadvantaged or minority backgrounds get a
head-start, and graduate debt and worry-free.
How You Can Contribute
There's so much you can do—from making a donation to referring a student to us.
Make a Donation
Donate to the School of C Endowment Fund to support our various social activities, and scholarships for students.
Support an Entrepreneur
Cover costs of education for aspiring students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who would otherwise not be able to afford the program.
Refer a Student
Refer talented individuals who want to make a difference to our program.
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