Every student gets access to the supportive and vibrant C ecosystem, where they can find the resources and freedom to map out their own future.
Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.
Mary Kay Ash, CEO of Mary Kay Cosmetics
The C-Ecosystem
The C Ecosystem offers guidance and resources to students as they proceed through the course,
and consider their future options. Upon graduation, you will join an active worldwide network of
alumni, businesses, and investors, where you can foster personal and professional connections
throughout your life.
Forge Your Own Path
Want to create your own startup? Or would you prefer to join an existing team? C provides different paths for students to take once they graduate.
Join one of our startups
Alumni of the C program can join our existing startups as C-level executives
Launch your own startup
Entrepreneurs get funding from the School of C Endowment Fund, support from the Starta Accelerator, and personal access a network of other founders.
Train Your Own C
Leverage our global business network to find untapped opportunities outside the immediate ecosystem.
Increase self value
Credits for tools
$250,000 Worth of Resources
As part of our curriculum, students get access to $250,000 worth of software subscriptions, including our portfolio Companies
Learn Directly From Successful Founders
The C ecosystem gives new entrepreneurs a direct link to successful founders, where they can discover unique insights and get personal guidance from others who overcame the same challenges.
HR - AmazingHiring
Sergey Dmitrichenko, CEO
Find relevant IT candidates 2 times faster with AmazingHiring! Get instant access to 600,000,000 profiles worldwide aggregated from 50 resources. Unique AI-powered algorithm creates a pipeline list of the most relevant candidates for your roles. Source candidates across all major social networks and professional communities like Github, StackOverflow, Kaggle, etc. with few simple clicks.
HR - Pitchme
Dina Bayasanova, CEO
Job search, reimagined. We capture your skills, measure them and pitch you to employers. Sign up in a few minutes and let employers start competing for your talent. We present your job profile anonymously to let your skills and expertise do the talking, creating a fairer hiring process.
Events - Tickets Cloud
Egor Egerev, CEO
You manage ticket sales, we provide the technology! Sell out your events fast with our tools!
Ticketsсloud is a Global Ticket Distribution Platform enabling you to sell tickets worldwide easily. No monthly charges or any other up front costs.
Marketplace - AGORA
Konstantin Trofimov, CEO
B2B SAAS platform with over 200 modules.
Create a marketplace in 14 days and quickly test your project hypotheses. The Agora platform allows you to combine business models of marketplaces without any modifications. The project can grow and the Agora platform allows you to scale it for serious tasks.
Legal - Online Patent
Alina Akinshina, CEO
Your personal patent office.
All actions in one click. 90% of our clients work with us completely electronically and have never come to our office. A digital system for the protection and management of a company's intellectual property rights. Registration of a trademark. Registration of a patent for an invention. Registration of a design patent.
Crypto - Cindicator
Mike Brusov, CEO
We create predictive analytical products based on Hybrid Intelligence. 115,000+ analysts around the globe answer questions about various assets and provide their market perspective. This sustainable ecosystem generates over 400,000 forecasts per month. 30+ machine learning models and a full-fledged neural network process this unique data set to create highly valuable indicators, sentiments, and signals.
Crypto - iCoinSoft
Yulia Yurieva, CEO
Helps you to adopt blockchain technology into your existing business. You will be able to launch your own digital asset trading platform or integrated multi-wallets into your system. Our Digital Platform is ready to be implemented and run in one month. We'll take care of the tech side. Simply get a fast exchange that fits all your needs. We'll handle all the IT-related requirements involved in the launch of your exchange, taking into account all of your potential needs for additional functionality and scalability in the future.
Media - Insense
Anton Salyukov, COO
Insense is a platform that optimizes working with creators on every level. Starting with your brief, all processes are automated and tailored to your brand needs. With our creators, you can receive content for any type of media campaign: vertical videos for paid channels, organic posts on a brand's feed, branded photos for your website or even a pre-roll for YouTube. Let Insense build a portfolio of branded content for your business!
Media - StringersHub
Yakau Buta, CEO
Marketplace that connects stringers and news media buyers with real-time and viral video content from all around the world. StringersHub is a marketplace that connects professional videographers (content creators) and eyewitnesses with media producers and editors who need video content.
Media - Conferencecast
Kirill Rozhkovskiy, CEO
Showcase your work and grow your reach exponentially. ConferenceCast provides on demand access to the world's best conference talks and the most comprehensive directory of speakers worldwide. Engage with your audience in a new wayWe built the ultimate platform for video streaming conferences on demand that powers conference organizers, speakers, and audiences.
Media - ZIZZ
Rashid Kusembaev, CEO
We help influencers grow! We connect up and coming creators with more established influencers to help them amplify their social following. As a creator, we help you to grow, become more influential across your social channels, as well as increase your demand by brands. We also have built a comprehensive social growth ecosystem, aimed to provide you with resources that make a difference no matter what size following you have.
Marketing tools - Revealbot
Mikhail Trofimov, CEO
Imagine if your ads managed themselves. Automate all your ad management strategies for Facebook, Google and Snapchat Ads in a single interface. Revealbot offers the perfect combination of quality results and keen pricing. Its flexible set of rules allows us to build complicated scenarios that just wouldn't be available to us with other tools. This is a really advanced product that's helped us drive value in terms of our Facebook ad spend.
Marketing tools - Peerclick
Dzmitry Sharapau, CEO
Affiliate tracking software. To track, analyze, optimize and scale online advertising campaigns and affiliate programs in real-time. Track all your advertising campaigns. Analyze data for actionable insights. Optimize ad performance. Scale your affiliate business.
Marketing tools - Alloka
Misha Denisov, CEO
We show where customers are calling from and help to know everything about calls. Convenient graph reports. All calls with a referral source to the site. Rating of call sources, requests, utm-tags. Automatic calculation of the cost of a lead. Dynamic call tracking to track calls from the site or advertising.
Marketing tools - Capturica
Vladislav Gafarov, CEO
Brand monitoring in Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. Analyses video content in real-time and allows to monitor. Find brand mentions of your company and competitors in audio-visual content. Identify trending topics and automatically aggregates content into trends. Highlighting the "core" audience of several influencers to improve campaigns.
Marketing tools - Whelp
A better way to connect with your customers. AI-based omni channel shared inbox for customer support over Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp. Built for teams of any size and nature. Unify your customer service experience across phone, email, chat and messaging apps to eliminate the chaos caused by having separate systems and screens for different teams.
Lead Generation - E-Contenta
Zoya Andreeva, CEO
The first platform to combine content and sales. E-Contenta Converts Readers Into Leads and Requests Paying Customers. Monetize your content, generate leads, get more paying customers for your business using E‑Contenta, a programmatic platform for native advertising. Over 100 campaigns were held on the E‑Contenta platform, each of them based on the branded content as an effective customer acquisition strategy.
Email marketing - SendPulse
Konstantyn Makarov, CEO
Multi-Channel Marketing Platform. More than just an email service. Reach your audience sending various types of messages through a delivery channel they prefer. Promotional emails and transactional messages. Web push Instant browser notifications to all your subscribers. SMS Messages with discounts, deals, or order confirmations. Transactional emails from any of your projects. Messengers Automated chatbot flows and campaigns in messengers. Automate data transfer, and send campaigns directly from your project.
AI & data - Periodix
Danil Yasinskiy, CEO
AI helps agencies get sales processes on- demand. Company just signups for our service and starts getting warm leads or new clients with no additional efforts. Outsourcing to the team powered by AI: Research, Lead Generation, Meetings Set Up, Pre-Sale, Deals Closing. Agency saves money buying a ready-made process without spending time on control of sales department.
AI & Data - Signum
Artem Gladkikh, CEO
Fuel your growth and revenue with the power of AI. Enable your sales, marketing, product, and executive teams with tools for automation and real-time, actionable insights powered by AI and predictive data. Stay ahead of the market, spot early trends, and make data-driven decisions on your marketing, sales, and business development strategies with the power of AI and predictive data.
Payment - Wallkit
Tim Roho, CEO
Paid-subscription platform designed for media companies and digital content owners. Publishers quickly start collecting subscription fees on a cloud-based system. A revenue-generating system that can be left to run itself or a tool that can be leveraged by an account team to maximize sales. The networked system allows readers to access content across media titles and even publishers — and publishers to earn revenue from other content owners. After set-up, Wallkit shares your sales success by charging fees only when you charge your subscribers.
Payment - Mobip
Jean-Philippe Desmontils, CEO
Accept credit card payments with your smartphone now!
No dongle to use, no app to download, no card readers, automated transfers to your bank account, payments taken in person, by email or by SMS text. Setup a MOBIP account in 20 min! Your customers pay using their own smartphones by QR-Codes, SMS text or email without any registration.
PropTech - Floorhub
Alexander Smaga, CEO
We help RE professionals boost their clients engagement with interactive floor plansClose 35% more deals and make your client fall in love with the apartment before seeing it. We convert floor plans to a new format, structure your portfolio. We create and you can change Test fits yourself easily. No architect needed. Provide new facilities to your customers. Send the link to your client or add it to your website.
Investment Opportunities
The School of C endowment fund invests up to $500,000 in the most promising startups and top-performing students.
Follow-on strategy & IR support
Get $200-500k from the C Endowment fund, with IR support to raise more capital
EIR & Starta Partners support
Work closely with EIR and Starta Partners on Strategy, online or from New York offices.
Strategic Partnerships
Build strategic partnerships through local outreach and other marketing channels.
Family perks
Access our coworking space, alumni network and events, partner perks and more.
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