A rigorous academic program prepares students to flourish as innovative, dynamic, and confident leaders in the startup world.
If you just work on stuff that you like and you're passionate about, you don't have to have a master plan with how things will play out.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook
Roll The Program Wheel
The School of C provides a condensed, intensive six month MBA program specifically crafted to breed the next generation of startup leaders. The course gives students a holistic understanding of how businesses work, along with the skills they need to succeed in leadership positions.
Startup Leadership Program
Immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial world, and the skills required to build a successful business, attract investors, raise finance.
Sales & Marketing program
Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing, concepts and tools needed to create, evaluate, and advertise products and services.
Product Management program
Learn to lead a team, work with clients, and successfully handle the challenges product managers face.
Technology program
Get the practical experience necessary to lead product development team from conception to launch.
Business Development program
Learn the fundamental skills needed to grow successful business. Use real-world case studies to understand sales, growth strategies, and more.
The School of C Experience
The School of C curriculum is built around an extremely rigorous and accelerated short-MBA program. The first stage involves collaborative workshops and assignments delivered entirely online, while the second brings students to the New-York based Starta Accelerator.
20 Weeks of
online learning
Of intense online learning.
10 hours per week.
of expertise
20 lectures training for each leadership position
unique workshops
With creative, collaborative homework tasks
2 Months Practice
Working in a real startup environment and founders
Startup matching
We distribute students into groups of 5 people, each forming an independent startup. Each group works under the close supervision of coaches, mentors and other founders to create and launch a real product into the market. You will train for the positions of CEO, CPO, CMO, CBDO, and CTO through homework assignments, workshops, and consultations, while gaining the invaluable work experience necessary to succeed in any of these positions.
CPO program
Our coaches will train you for a CPO position. You will apply the knowledge by developing a complete "Product strategy" document with your group under careful supervision.
CMO program
Using the product strategy, you will study and implement various marketing tools. Your group will create sales funnels, and use sample traffic to develop a complete Marketing strategy for your product.
CTO program
Knowledge of technology helps prioritize product features and build a roadmaps that avoid exceeding your startup's budget. Our experts will show you how to pick the best technologies for your needs and compose your first "Technological strategy".
CBDO program
With the necessary technologies, product strategy, and marketing strategy in place, almost everything is ready to launch. All that remains is to estimate budgets, identify priorities, and calculate resources. In this module, you will study unit economics and evaluate whether your sales funnels, sales scripts, partnerships and presentations all fit into your larger "Business Development strategy".
CEO program
Once all the elements are formed and ready for launch, all that remains is to attract investment, select performers, delegate responsibilities, and formulate KPIs to track results. But to learn, you have to teach others. At this stage, you will also mentor new startups who have begun their training on a parallel stream.
What makes this program unique
C is no ordinary MBA course. We provide a a fast-tracked program where individuals that want to create & lead startups can master the 5 key areas, while getting the real-world experience necessary to grow successful companies.
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