School of C|
C is an intensive program where students learn and practice everything they need to lead tomorrow's startups.
School of C
C is an intensive program where students learn and practice everything they need to lead tomorrow's startups.
A Pivotal Experience In Practical Leadership
Early identification and investment in future C
What makes School of C different
Built around a New York based Accelerator, C teaches through action. No C student wants to be a passive learner.
Study and practice
Students apply what they
learn in one of the Starta
Accelerator-based global
Endownment fund
The School of C endowment
fund sponsors students and
invests in the most promising
Matching & Networking
A Global network of business
partners, alumni, mentors,
coaches, and successful
startup founders
Our Program

- Product Management

Great products are the heart of great businesses. Learn how to design prototypes, develop your minimum viable product, and successfully launch something people want to buy.
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- Marketing & PR
No business can succeed if no one knows about it. Learn how the strategies behind raising awareness, creating sales funnels, effective advertising, and more.
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- Technical Leadership
Technology is the beating heart of a startup. Learn how CTOs leverage technology to improve products, innovate within their businesses, and create better solutions for the market.
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- Business Development
Learn to formulate, evaluate, and implement long-term business strategies such as professional sales and analysis.
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- Executive Operations
Create a grand, sweeping vision that drives a company forward, inspires your team members, and places your future on steady footing.
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Latest C News
Making early impact
Free enterprise comes to Wall Street
Guerrilla marketmaking has been good to these boys. In 1996, for example, day-trading firm Datek Securities paid Citron and Levine almost $145 million for using software and services like Island and the Watcher.
About C Classes
Our commitment to learning and making an impact centers everything we do.
C Events
Our events explore the world of technology while bringing students, alumni, and world-renown experts together.
June 18th, 2020
Alex Golod, Angel Investor, Advisor
April 23rd, 2020
April 8th, 2020
Lisa Patti, Speech and Communication Specialist
April 4th, 2020
February 27th, 2020
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