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Webinar with Marvin Liao (ex-500 Startups partner)

Starta Ventures and AdVentureLand launched an online marathon in support of business activity during quarantine with Venture Capital Leaders. We want to thank Marvin Liao for being our guest and sharing his thoughts on future trends and how to navigate your business through uncertainty.

We are pleased to share more insights from the webinar with Marvin Liao with you:
  • Companies focused on distance learning will grow. Zoom is overwhelmed, and we need new players who can ensure uninterrupted and safe broadcasting.
  • The crisis had an impact on investors' communication with startups - some of them will continue to work in a remote format, without meeting with the founders, relying solely on metrics.
  • Many startups will not be able to survive the crisis, but others will come in their place. For instance, during the recession, many great companies appeared - Adidas, Lego, Starbucks, and AirBnb to name a few.
  • Americans will understand that it makes no sense to pay $ 20,000 a year for studying at the average university, when they can get their degrees online at top universities. It will lead to a redistribution of the education market.
  • Startup valuations have dropped by 30%, and in some cases, even higher. However, investors are thinking whether to invest now or wait until it drops even more, so they invest carefully.
  • Taking this into account, 2020-2021 can become golden years for investors, because they will invest in good startups at a low valuation.
  • Promising areas - EdTech, Gaming industry, Automation Services, Delivery. Now everyone understands the danger posed by the virus. Corporations will minimize human interaction where it is possible (robotic warehouses, delivery by drones).