GeoCV team joins Occipital

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Today, we’re excited to announce that the majority of GeoCV team has joined Occipital to launch Occipital’s Research & Development office in Moscow.

Occipital is a leading spatial computing company. GeoCV has been successfully using Occipital’s Structure Sensor, one of the most popular depth sensors, as a part of the GeoCV Scanner. Occipital’s 3D capture products span from scanning small objects, to rooms, to huge outdoor spaces. Occipital’s real-time tracking, mapping and perception technology powers next-generation AR, VR, mobile and robotic devices.

“The GeoCV team has deep expertise in 3D computer vision. Joining Occipital will allow us to accelerate realizing the vision of 3D capture democratization we have always shared,” commented Anton Yakubenko, GeoCV co-founder and CEO.

Occipital is also aggressively recruiting for additional computer vision, 3D visualization and software engineering talent to grow the Moscow team further.

Occipital will not be acquiring the Virtual Open House™ product from GeoCV. The Occipital Moscow Research & Development office will instead be focused on advancing existing Occipital product lines.

“Teaching devices to see and understand the world in 3D is a fundamental element for the next era of computing. We’re just scratching the surface, and by joining the teams we will enable new computer vision applications, which bring value to consumers and businesses,” said Gleb Krivovyaz, GeoCV co-founder and CTO.