News has closed a round of $500,000

Our C network has closed a round of $500,000 from Starta Ventures, Next Ventures, and an anonymous angel investor. They will use this investment to scale their business and grow their sales in the US market.

Signum offers AI-based solutions that analyze and collect, in real-time, over a billion data points from social media posts, blogs, articles, and forums. These data points are then used to find insights that will help marketing and sales teams make more productive and well-informed decisions, which will in turn yield higher revenues.
Their products include:
  1. Lead Finder - Gathers and matches the leads for you and provides you more quantity and quality leads to connect with.
  2. Competitive Intelligence - Helps you monitor your competitors’ influencer campaigns and creative content.
  3. Influencers Discovery - Identifies highly relevant micro and macro-influencers and analyzes their audience and content with the power of AI.
Artem Gladkih, Founder of started his entrepreneurial journey in his native town of Lipetsk, Russia.

In 2015, Artem had his first major exit. After this, he began to focus on a business analysis platform called Test4startup. The product garnered interest in the US market, but not enough to generate earnings. After going through Starta's Accelerator program, Artem decided to abandon this project and turn his attention to a new concept he called With his new team, he was determined to make this concept more successful than the last.

“It is amazing when you write up a bit of code and it ends up changing the reality around you,” Artem told us, “However, if your concept does not prove to be profitable, this type of mindset will not work for you. Therefore, with we realized we needed to start making revenue before we could even proceed with our first round.”

In the words of Serge Milman, Managing Partner at Starta Ventures:
"It's not often that you get a chance to meet a team who are so in tune regarding the tech behind their product, and so focused on the execution of said tech. With, we finally see what all the social sentiment gradient tools have been missing. Real AI. Real big data analysis. Real laser focus. Over the last two years, we have seen Artem grow and develop as a professional to the point that we are confident that his company will continue doing great things well into the future. Artem now knows the best direction in which to lead his company. He has proven himself to be both resilient and flexible, a leader who can mobilize his team to overcome any challenge.
I'm so humbled by the opportunity to work with” has gone on to grow a sizable customer base with over 80% of their clients being located in the US. Despite Covid-19, the company's MRR has been growing on average 40% each month for the last 6 months. - a company that has not only survived, but thrived during a time of crisis.

Congratulations to the entire team and to more success in the future!